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How to Trade D2R Ladder/Non-Ladder Items and Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

With the coming of the first d2r ladder season, a lot of players have joined the ladder game. The need for items has increased. Many of them choose to take a shortcut by purchasing directly. As a professional and reliable in-game gold and items selling store, MmoGah will introduce details of the whole trade, which also applies to d2r non-ladder items.


Place Order


1. Select Items

On our D2R items page, there are ladder items and non-ladder items. So the first thing is that you need to select the right one as same as the platform of PC, PS5/PS4, or Xbox. If you know the name of the items, you can use “Search Name” to find them quickly. Maybe you have not decided what to buy, and then you can see the “Hot Sales”, which collects items that players often choose.


2. Submit Order

This is the easiest one, but also the one that is often overlooked. Clear and correct information is essential for quick delivery. Below is the information needed for different platforms.


PC: Battle Tag and Character Name

PS5/PS4: PSN ID and Character Name

Xbox One/Series X|S: Xbox Gamer Tag and Character Name

Nintendo Switch: Switch Friend Code and Character Name




1. Prepare Items for You

After we confirm your order, we will package your items and prepare them for delivery.


2. Add Friend

We will send you a friend request for fast delivery. Please pay attention to the prompt information. It would be best if you keep online to accept the request. And then we can invite you to our game and trade with you. You don’t have to worry about trade between different regions. Because we are battle.net friends, we can directly invite you to our game. Otherwise, you need to switch to our region with the game number and password we provided. So, adding the battle friend is the easiest way for both of us.


3. Deliver Items

Please make sure you have enough space to load items because some items can occupy many grids, and there is no method to increase the inventory grid directly.


There are some special items that you can not put more than one in your inventory, so if you already have these items like Gheed’s Fortune, Annihilus, and Hellfire Torch in your inventory, and you want more of them from us, please put them in the account share stash before we deliver.




Why Have I Not Received My Items?

Please check your prompt information. No matter which platform you select, PC, PS5/PS4, Xbox, or NS, you need to accept our friend request, and then we can deliver items to you.


I Have Bought Some Items, But Why Didn’t I get all of Them?

Sometimes, the stash can not hold all the items which you buy. So, in this case, we may trade with you several times.


What If My Items Are Out of Stock?

If you are not in a hurry, we will deliver the items as soon as they are available. Or if you agree, we can send other items which are as same price as what you bought. If both don’t work for you, we can return your money.


For more FAQs, you can visit our D2R items help page.